Traditionally, holidays are spent at home with family and friends with home cooked meals and lots of quality time together. However, as holidays are a time when many family members have time off from work and school, more families are starting to turn to vacations as the way to spend their holidays. Cruising is a fantastic way to spend a holiday vacation with those you love and a great way to trade in the mountains of presents for memories that will last a lifetime.

The two most popular holidays to cruise during are Thanksgiving and Christmas, as most children across the US have off from school and many people set aside their vacation time until the end of the year for a reboot. For this reason, many of these vacations are to the warm Caribbean cruise ports that cruisers know and love. Even for those who don’t sail directly on the holiday but the week before or after, the ships are decorated and ready for the holiday season.

From the moment the passengers board the ship, holiday music fills the air and there are new decorations around every turn. Some cruise lines even create large gingerbread displays of the ship in various ports to fill the atrium and create the feeling of the holiday season.

In addition to the decorations onboard the ships, many of the cruise ports that are on these cruises will be decorated as well. Some of them will have tropical trees with decorations on them, others will have decorations throughout the primary shopping plaza that guests first enter when they disembark the ship.

The guests that choose to sail over the holiday season have all of the joys of family with all of the pampering and inclusivity that cruising has to offer. Cruising allows guests to have a wonderful meal with those they love and not have to worry about any of the cooking, cleaning, or grocery shopping. Plus, guests can spend as much time together, or apart, as they wish, with the ships offering activities for everyone in the family.

While sailing over the holiday season can eliminate many of the stressful parts of the season such as getting everyone into one place or one house for out of town guests, cooking and cleaning up after everything, and ensuring the house’s cleanliness for family to visit, there are a few downsides to consider when booking.

As the holiday season is almost always a vacation time for children, there are many children onboard. This can be a positive as well for guests traveling with children as they will have more of an opportunity to make new friends while sailing. Additionally, many of these sailings fill up quickly and the pricing tends to increase as time goes on so it is best to book very early to get the best rates, amenities, and cabins. Finally, on these sailings, most people onboard are celebrating. For that reason, many of the specialty restaurants fill up very quickly and getting a reservation can be tough. If guests wish to get reservations, it is best to book everything possible ahead of time to ensure availability. The same can be said for shore excursions through the cruise line as the more popular ones fill up very fast.

Whether you’re a single cruiser or cruising with your entire family, everyone should experience cruising during the holidays at least once. The atmosphere is sure to put everyone in the family in the holiday spirit and make for a magical and unforgettable holiday memory.

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