Planning a vacation can bring about a lot of options, some of which, you don’t initially think about. The biggest question that we face in the travel industry is: cruising vs. a land vacation. There are a lot of commonalities between the two and when looking at an inclusive cruise package and an all-inclusive resort, it’s important to look at the differences.

In order to truly compare the two, the first question that one has to ask themselves is the destination. Realistically, if you want to see the same ports that you are cruising to but without the cruise aspect, you have to think about your hotel, food, drinks, transportation, and getting your belongings from point “A” to point “B.” When cruising, you travel to the embarkation port, board the ship, and only unpack once for the length of the vacation. Even if you have selected a single destination that you would like to stay an extended period of time in, there are quite a few costs that must be considered. Additionally, while different cruise lines include different things, the staple items are the same on each cruise line: basic dining, some non-alcoholic beverages, room accommodations, the fitness center, entertainment, and other onboard activities, which are all things that would cost additional on a land vacation. Some cruise lines even include items such as specialty restaurants, alcoholic beverages, shore excursions, internet, and much more to provide a fully all-inclusive experience.

The food is another major comparison between the two types of vacation. The cruise lines continue to improve their food as time goes by and many of the lines have food that rivals that of a five-star restaurant on land. Even in the complimentary dining restaurants onboard, the food is outstanding. If a guest wanted to eat the same quality of food in a land-based restaurant, each nights’ dinner would cost quite a bit of money. Even if a guest elected to visit a specialty restaurant onboard, the cost is minimal for the quality of food that is provided.

Typically when comparing the cost between comparable land packages to a cruise, the land package ends up being 40 – 50 percent more expensive for the guest because of everything that must be purchased that is not paid for at the time of booking. Even when comparing a cruise to an all-inclusive resort, the guest faces the issue of seeing far less places and tends to have less excursion options than when booking a cruise that is visiting multiple ports of call.

While many people may feel that a cruise offers less entertainment options than a land vacation, that is not the case. In addition to the destination(s) being visited, many of the cruise ships are a destination on their own. With Broadway shows, dance clubs, casinos, enrichment lectures, art auctions, cooking classes, comedy acts, movies under the stars, and so much more the entertainment and activity possibilities are endless when cruising. Whether a guest is looking for time spent relaxing in the sun, getting pampered in the spa, or adventuring through various ports, cruises offer guests the opportunity to see the world one port at a time.

If a guest is looking at an all-inclusive resort, there is still one major difference between that and a cruise: the number of places that you get to see. Additionally, many resorts do not include the number of activities that can typically be found on a cruise ship for little or no cost. Ultimately, if you are looking for a vacation that has everything in one place, cruising is possibly the best option.

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