Past passenger and loyalty programs are an outstanding benefit for anyone who cruises. Many times, the cruise line automatically enrolls you after you cruise, however there are some that you have to sign up for yourself so be sure to ask which type your cruise line of choice has. Once you are enrolled, you receive points for each night of sailing. The number of points that you have determine your status level with each cruise line. While every cruise line has different benefits associated with their status levels, and the benefits change constantly, many of the benefits are the same between cruise lines. You can expect benefits such as: early embarkation and disembarkation, upgrades, exclusive dinner parties onboard, discounts on laundry and other onboard services, complimentary treats, and so much more.

In addition to the benefits that you may receive for being a past passenger of your cruise line(s) of choice, you also receive additional benefits for being a CruCon Cruise Outlet Loyalty Member. We know that you have plenty of options for who to trust your vacation with and we are grateful that you have chosen us. Once you have completed one sailing booked with CruCon, you are eligible to enroll in our loyalty club. When you have enrolled you are eligible for additional perks as well as referral rewards for encouraging your friends to book their vacations with us. Our program is always growing and changing so once you are eligible it is worth it to sign up and receive the additional benefits when booking your vacation.

Your vacation time is precious. We here at CruCon, as well as the cruise lines, know that. We want to make sure you are rewarded and thanked for trusting us to take care of your vacation and our way of saying “thank you” is through these loyalty and past passenger programs. We encourage you to take advantage of every benefit that you can to ensure that you have the best cruise vacation possible every time you decide to sail.


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