When planning for a cruise, it is easy to plan only for all of the great and amazing things that will happen. As the cruise gets closer, it’s natural to start picking the shore excursions that are at the top of each passengers’ “must do” list and which will be selected for each port. Guests typically start looking into what there is to do onboard more than before and planning their exciting events, games, and seminars on the sea days, which restaurants are at the top of everyone’s list, and what can be done to make the vacation the best that it can possibly be. We don’t like to think about the bad things that could happen, which is something that should be considered. As a company, we always recommend the purchase of travel insurance when booking any vacation, including a cruise, regardless of a passenger’s medical history.

While different policies cover different things, and research is required to figure out the policy that best suits each guests’ personal needs, travel insurance should be the first thing that a guest looks into after selecting their next cruise. Waiting to purchase travel insurance until final payment can affect the benefits of the policy, therefore we suggest purchasing it at the time of booking. In doing so, many policies will cover pre-existing conditions, however that varies based on the insurance company the guest chooses to use.

The coverage that the policy offers varies by company and plan choices, but many include things like: cancellation for a covered reason, trip interruption, travel delays, a medical emergency that results in cancellation or a medical emergency onboard, baggage delay, emergency evacuation and repatriation, and much more depending on the policy chosen.

For many people, vacations are an activity that happen every few years or sometimes, once in a lifetime. It is important for all guests to think ahead and plan for the things that might happen, even if we all hope that they don’t. While the cost of the insurance may be steep depending on the policy, the cost of the events that it could cover are typically much higher. Contact your cruise specialist today to look into purchasing insurance for your upcoming reservations.