Day 103

This is another sea day of activities, with two morning enrichment lectures and noontime games. There was a rumor that the Captain would have a surprise in his noon daily update announcement. I have given this statistic before, but the world travelers have sailed about 27,900 nm with 9,800 nm still to go before reaching L.A.

Terry plans to give us a complete history of English royalty succession. He began with the Romans departure in 476, got to the Viking raids and Alfred the Great driving them away. In 1016, Canute founded the Danish line followed by the Saxon line of Edward the Confessor until the famous 1066 Battle of Hastings, William of Normandy killed Harold II. He kept everything humorous with his own twists and interpretations. There followed William II, Richard the Lionhearted, John of Magna Carta fame, two Edwards, Henry V, Richard III, Henry VIII, Mary I (also called Bloody Mary), QE I, James I, Charles I, 10 years a republic under Cromwell, Charles II, James II, George, George III (of the American Revolution), Victoria, Edward VII, George V & VI, and present day QE II. He may have skipped a few names but no one noticed with the laughter and humor of the presentation. He finished with the fact that today is Queen Elizabeth’s 92nd birthday.

Mike told us about Buenos Aires, which lies 129 nm up the estuary from Montevideo. Argentina is the eighth largest country by landmass. Inflation is high so their Peso is worth 20:$1. Buenos Aires is very urban, with 3 million people in the city proper and 30 million around the suburbs. He showed us Google Earth images of where our ship would dock and the location of the Plaza del Mayo where many landmark buildings are, such as, the Presidential Palace of Evita fame, Town Hall, Metropolitan Cathedral, and the National Bank. He mentioned the Nature Reserve park on the water front is good for a stroll and bird watching.

We waited for the Captain’s update at the noontime games lounge. He told us that we could be in Montevideo tomorrow, Sunday, rather than Monday as scheduled, because we missed Tristan de Cunha and made good time with the wind and currents. The Destinations staff was already preparing new shore excursion offerings for the day we were supposed to be at sea. They did tremendous work, creating something from nothing in a short time. We had our new selections in our staterooms in a matter of minutes. Our team came in second at the noontime game Facts and Figures, where the closest guess to the correct answer scores followed by lesser scores for second and third. Art and I went off for a quick ping pong time before lunch.

There was a brief shower that drove us inside from the Pool Deck Italian Buffet with Pizza, pasta, and everything Mediterranean. I had a 1:30 digital photo workshop given by one passenger who is a professional photographer. I was trying to pick up a few tips. Also, she had tried to fix my pocket camera that I took up Dune 7 and got sand in the lens screen, jamming it. She took it apart but still the lens won’t open. We have two other cameras and our phones to fill the gap. No worries.

Pat and I had our 2:30 Tee-time at the First International Navigator of the Seven Seas Miniature Golf Tournament. This was all professionally organized by a couple of the passengers. There were official scorers for the threesomes and proper logging of all scores for this first round. Tomorrow morning continues with the second round. I supposed par is 36 for the 18 holes. Pat shot 39 and I got 35.

We got down to the indoor deck game, Bounce Ball, just as it began and I came away with first place. We had a little free time to facetime with the grandkids (and their parents too). We did well in mensa today and our Trivia team came in second. We stayed in the lounge until the 5:30 early show in the theater.

Phamie Gow returned with her show, “Harp Attack.” She played some tunes she composed for the harp, and later played the piano and sang. She is quite versatile.

Art and Joanie invited us to join them for dinner tonight, along with our oceanographic speaker, Don Walsh and his wife, Joan. Excellent food and conversation followed. Don and Joan will be heading home to Oregon in a few days. He has had an amazing life that has taken him to the North Pole, Antarctica, Titanic, Marianas Trench, and many other fascinating places. Art and Joanie have been to the North Pole as well; and even swam there.

There was no late show tonight because the movie, Evita, was being shown, so we ventured to the Galileo Lounge to hear the Regent singers and orchestra in Rock the Boat. They sang popular songs, while the audience danced. We actually danced when they played and sang slow songs.

We will definitely be in Montevideo tomorrow morning, but, unfortunately, there is no dock space for us until the current ship that is there leaves later in the morning. We will be at anchor at 7AM, but not on shore until noontime. That is fine because we are overnighting in port. Our finals in mini-golf will now be held after breakfast, instead of late afternoon. It will be nice to walk on solid ground after so many sea days.

Yours in travel,

Pat & Mac