Day 104

We anchored in the harbor early this morning, but during breakfast we started moving again. We got docking space, no tendering as we thought. The excursions are still planned for early afternoon so we need to wait. Tee-time for round two of the First Annual International Navigator of the Seven Seas Miniature Golf Tournament was at 9:30am. The weather felt like Scotland with fog, wind, and cool temperatures. Our games suffered as we both shot several strokes over par. The final results will be known on the next sea day before Trivia time.

Our excursion today was the Highlights of Montevideo and Tango at Casona Maua. We began by driving through the center of town and Independence Square. We had a 15 minute photo stop here, where we saw the statue of Jose Artigas, the hero of independence. We also saw the Government House, Congress Building, and an old arch façade that faced the square. We then drove through every section of town, from the wealthier upscale neighborhoods to poorer sections where we saw several homeless people and run-down homes loaded with graffiti. We entered a park and viewed a stagecoach and gaucho sculpture that depicted how folks travelled more than a hundred fifty years ago. Another stop was made at the Armada and Fallen Soldiers Monument, a tribute to all the soldiers who perished in all Uruguay’s wars. We drove by many impressive buildings like the president’s palace, theatre, and other municipal structures, trying to take photos from the bus. We were underwhelmed by this city. The buildings were dirty looking with soot stains, graffiti everywhere, too much litter in the streets, iron-barred ground floor windows in stores and most private residences were iron fenced fortresses with razor or electric wires on the top. This is a one and done place for us.


Our final stop was at the Casona Maua, an older classical building near the port that had marble floors and a 3000 pound glass skylight that could be opened and closed. It was a charming venue. We had a glass of tannat, the Uruguayan wine, and watched a wonderful tango show. That was the best part of the trip. Even a few of our friends were invited to dance when it came to audience participation. They were hilarious.

We weren’t very hungry tonight, so we opted for some items from room service. While we ate, we watched the last portion of the Evita movie we had started a few days ago.

The 9:30 performance was World Beat, with the Regent singers and dancers. This is by far their best and most energetic show, so Mac and I went to see it for the fifth time. The cast has many quick costume changes, and terrific songs and dances in this program. It begins with Spanish songs and dances, then goes on to Greek, Philippine, Japanese, Chinese, African, Indian, and Irish routines. The twelve performer cast was fabulous and received a standing ovation.

Tomorrow we will be going to a ranch to experience its operations and explore the grounds. It should be fun.

Yours in travel,

Pat & Mac