Day 109

Since today is a sea day, Pat informed Lorenzo last night that she would like whipped cream with her breakfast waffle this morning. You would think that everything would be OK, but not. She noticed that the sticky bun tray was on the counter. She agonized over it and decided to get a sticky bun to bring back to the stateroom for a luncheon snack later today. She managed to have the best of both culinary worlds.

Terry’s morning would be a mixture of naval hero stories and related songs he played and sang on his guitar. He talked about the Bounty and the main characters, along with highlights of the history we heard before. His main focus was on the great Admiral Horatio Nelson, beginning with the early career years and his marriage to the daughter of the senior judge of Nevis in the Caribbean and flirtations with Emma Hamilton, when he was posted back to Naples. The navy loved him because he was successful in his sea battles. However, he lost his right eye in one and his right arm in another. After a victory over the French in Egypt in 1798, he returned to Naples to recuperate in the arms of Emma. Recalled to England, in 1801, he won the battle of Copenhagen. In 1805, he won his last battle at Trafalgar before dying from a mortal musket ball wound. Terry continued with four more songs and short stories about Captain Kidd, the ”gentlemen’s game” of smuggling between England and France during conflicts, John Franklin who disappeared trying to find the NW Passage, and James Cook.

Art and I had a little time before the next activity to play ping pong. Harris showed up and allowed me to leave and meet Pat for our next thing, Tango lesson, from the entertainment group that performed last night, Pampas Devils. They showed us the basic steps, similar to what we learned at the Tango Studio in Buenos Aires. We watched and tried to imitate the instructors. Sometimes we even got it right, but don’t expect to see us on the dance circuit.

The noontime games were usually quick. Pat and I came in second and third in the card game 31. Art and Harris were ponged-out. Seems that they played many games after I left them. Lunch on the Pool deck was South American BBQ. Afterwards, Pat and I split. I sat in on a photography class while Pat went to the Deck Game Olympics, where all the usual games were set-up to play.

We rotated through stations that had darts, top toss, bounce ball, baggo, high roller, and croquet. We threw or rolled about 6 items and officials (entertainment staff) scored them. We kept track on our individual score cards and then compared our totals. I won a point for high rollers. Others won more points, but it was fun anyway. I had not participated in this Olympics before. Maybe I will improve by the final segment.

I met Mac later in Michael’s last lecture on Rio, as he will be leaving us there. He showed us maps and Google earth pictures of the city and spoke about the highlights that we would expect to see on some of our excursions. We will be there two days because it is the transition port between two segments. We watched the pictures and heard some stories about what to expect, especially bureaucrats who might enjoy making your visit difficult or warnings, many times, about taking the usual safety precautions in certain areas of town.

We scored in mensa, but missed in trivia again. Tomorrow we will be turning in our Regent points again and getting more items. Awards were presented after trivia for our first international golf tournament. About 40 of us participated and awards were given to the top 3 finishers in male and female categories. We did not win these, but all of us were presented with participation awards of Regent golf balls.

Tonight was formal night and we had to quickly get ready to attend the 6PM Krew Kapers show. Our favorite waiters, bartenders, and other staff performed songs, dances and skits on stage. They are only amateurs, but were very good. They practice for this show late at night when their chores are done. That’s dedication.

We ate this evening at Ola’s station. She is from Belarus and performs a very graceful and sexy belly dance. She quickly had to change from her costume to her uniform for dinner in about 5 minutes.

After dinner, entertainment tonight were the Pampas Devils doing wonderful tango dancing, and Noodles with his comedy. It was a good show. Both are getting off the ship tomorrow in Santos, Brazil.

Yours in travel,

Pat & Mac