Day 123

Today we were in Curacao, a lovely, formerly Dutch, Caribbean island a short distance from Venezuela. Along with Aruba and Bonaire (the ABC islands), these islands are south of the hurricane belt and are attractive vacation destinations year round. We signed up for an excursion entitled, “Discover Curacao’s Beautiful Beaches.” We began up the coast and on the gentler side (facing land and not the huge Atlantic) at Daaibooi Beach. There were tiki huts, chairs, and crystal clear waters. We brought our masks and snorkels with us today, so we could see some colorful fish. We had over an hour to spend here, and we enjoyed spending it in the water. We should have been told to bring our water shoes though, as there was lots of coral to step over.

From here, we went to the private, Cas Aboa beach. There seemed to be more amenities here, because this is already part of a large resort. We had complimentary chairs and a drink. The snorkeling here was quite good, even from the beach, and we saw a variety of tropical fish. We got to spend almost 2 hours here. We made sure we used lots of sunscreen.

We showered and had lunch upon our return, and after trivia, we headed out to walk the cute town. Our ship was here until 11 PM, so time was not an issue. Mac took lots of photos of the rainbow colored pastel homes lining the waterfront. This area is now a UNESCO Heritage Site, and is constantly being repainted because of the wind and salt. We got to see the Queen Emma Bridge open and close. This is a swinging pontoon pedestrian bridge that opens for tugs and other ships. When we were last here, about 15 years ago, our ship docked right on this waterfront. Now there is a mega pier for cruise ships a short distance away. We strolled the neighborhood for a few hours.

Tonight was a special barbecue dinner on the pool deck. Everything was artfully displayed and there were countless choices of food. There were whole roasted pigs, lobster tails, steaks, tuna, chicken, ribs, and other specialty choices, along with many vegetables, fruits, salads, and desserts. We shared a table with Gwen and Dean, and Debbie and Dave and had a great time and plenty of food.

We head to Aruba from here, only a short distance away.

Yours in travel,

Pat & Mac