Day 129

Today is a rescheduled sea day because we are bypassing Nicaragua due to the possible safety concerns. We sat at our usual breakfast table 17, and Trish and Jeff were already there. They gave us an update on the upgrade to a passenger suite for their favorite waitresses, Gaia and Viola. They had purchased this upgrade package for two nights at the crew auction last week, for any two staff members of their choosing. We were with them at a Sette Mare dinner when they surprised Gaia and Viola with the gift. Now, last night and the previous night they stayed in a passenger cabin and had a ball, inviting other crew friends and partying. They have known each other since they were three years old and some day they want to open their own restaurant.

I took a little time off to finish transmitting, because, this morning, the internet connection was temperamental and kept me from sending anything out. At the noontime games, we playing a Family Feud type game where we had to guess the top two answers to the usual silly questions. Our group came in first for some points. After a little time to catch-up on emails, we looked at the Italian themed lunch offering on the Pool Deck and chose some pasta alfredo. We carried it inside to eat and met-up with Trish and Jeff again at table 17. It is a small world on this ship. I left at 2pm to try my luck at the slots tournament; but no luck today. I headed to ping-pong where Harris was waiting. We played for an hour and returned to the room for a shower and a little rest. Pat went off to the 3:15pm deck game; she had already gone to the 2:30pm indoor deck games and won some points. We left at 4:15pm for Mensa and Trivia time. We got the usual Mensa points and usual out-of-the-scoring range in Trivia. We returned to watch the sunset on our balcony before getting ready for our Prime 7 dinner with our Trivia team and their spouses/companions.

At the noontime Captain’s report, he mentioned that, for the world travelers, we have gone 35,200 NM with a remaining distance of 2,100 NM. That sounds huge and time seems to be going quickly with just over a week left.

Mal had arranged the Prime7 dinner for 9 of us over a week ago, so Mac and I were a bit disappointed when Jamie announced that tonight would be his Jimbo’s Route 66 dining experience on the pool deck. This was great fun last month and we would have liked to participate again. Mac went up on deck after 6:30 to take photos of the staff and food displays, since our dinner was at 7PM. Jamie, the Cruise Director, and his assistant/wife, were dressed as host and hostess, that is, Jimbo and Bimbo. They were really enjoying themselves and getting a lot of attention.

We had a very enjoyable dinner with Mal and Millie, Mark and Joan, Roger and Inka, and Peggy. The staff brought a long table up from Compass Rose, because this restaurant usually has smaller table groupings. We finished dinner at 9:30, just in time to head downstairs to catch Terry’s show. It was similar to others he had done, with jokes, silly songs, and the audience singing several choruses of his songs. Everyone was laughing.

Tomorrow we will go on an eight hour tour in Guatemala.

Yours in travel,

Pat & Mac