Day 131

I felt tired this morning. We lost an hour of sleep with the clock change and I was up a little later working on my transmissions, so I didn’t feel right this morning nor eat too much breakfast, but Pat got her whipped cream for her fruit waffle treat. It is still not as good as Vic’s Waffle House in Tewksbury. We thought about waking at 5am for the Royal Wedding, but only woke-up to see the carriage ride to the palace.

We heard Terry speak on Mexico and Spain and their dual development on either side of the Atlantic. He began with pre-Columbian history in Mexico and the rise of the Aztecs. On the other side, the various kingdoms on the Iberian Peninsula were uniting, after the marriage of Ferdinand and Isabella, and driving the Moors south until their final defeat at Grenada in 1492. This freed-up resources to put toward exploration. With the Spanish already in the Caribbean, a young man of 19, Hernan Cortez went to Hispaniola, got rich quickly, and started an expedition to Cozumel, where he heard about this rich Aztec empire. In June 1520, he left the Maya area and sailed to Vera Cruz. His arrival and appearance in Tenochtitlan appeared to be god-like to Montezuma. The Spanish were welcomed, but relations got strained on the night of July 1, and there was a great massacre in the temple, driving the Spanish away. They returned a year later and conquered the Aztecs, essentially destroying the entire empire structure. It didn’t matter much, because over the next 60 years, 80% of the population succumbed to smallpox and typhus. Three hundred years later, the colonies in the Americas began movements toward independence as Spain’s power at home declined from the Napoleonic wars.

There was a special party time on the Pool Deck at 11am in celebration of the Royal Wedding. Each department ran an improvised deck game for raffle tickets to win Regent logo stuff. There was water balloon tossing at waitstaff, tennis ball basket shooting, martini pouring and running, pillow stuffing, multiple-choice name the travel picture, card games, horse racing, name the spice aroma, and hula hoop human ring-toss onto several floating cast dancers in the pool. We collected tickets and had lots of fun, but no lucky tickets for us.

We seemed lost without noontime games today. Pat spent some time in the sun, a rare restful time for her. I played the 2pm slots tournament winning today and attended the 2:30pm indoor deck game of target croquet, for fun, no points with my score. At the end of that, Pat arrived for the 3:15pm second deck game of roll the dice and achieved the same negative results. Pat tried FaceTiming several grandkids with limited success on a Saturday, with their busy family schedules. After many tries this morning and now, we still had not sung Happy Birthday to our 12 year-old Alyssa. We hung out a few minutes until moving down to the Lounge for Mensa and Trivia, only scoring on Mensa and place out of scoring range for Trivia.

We met Trish and Jeff for dinner tonight at Prime 7. I had filet and Mac had snapper. They were delicious. We all passed on dessert this evening, and we finally connected to sing Happy Birthday to Alyssa. She was having a sleepover with several friends after they had all gone out to a special dinner. Before the main show, the singer and dancers performed an energetic song and dance routine. The headliner this evening was comedienne Cory Kahaney, who has been on many late-night talk shows. She was very entertaining and funny. Today was also cruise director Jamie’s birthday, so a bunch of us sang to him as he introduced tonight’s comedienne. He seemed surprised and a bit embarrassed.

Tomorrow we will be in Acapulco, Mexico.

Yours in travel,

Pat & Mac