Day 132

Much of Acapulco was developed for tourism in the 1950’s, with post war prosperity and a deliberate effort to make the city an attractive destination for foreigners. Many Hollywood stars vacationed or bought homes here and the city’s popularity grew. Many of the formerly famous hotels are showing their age, as they have not been remodeled or modernized.

Our excursion today was Nature Encounter: Hike and Swim. We began by riding to La Quebrada, location of the world famous cliff divers. They put on a special 9AM show for us (Their first show is usually not until 1PM). There were 8 divers who entered the water, swam across the inlet and climbed barefoot up the opposite cliff. Some of the divers, probably younger and still learning, dove from halfway up the cliff, still an impressive 50-60 feet up. Those on top of the cliff dove from 120 feet up. They were all very graceful and some did flips on the way down. This was definitely the highlight of our day.

From here, we boarded a boat at Caleta beach and cruised to La Roqueta Island, a day trip beach escape for many locals. We hiked to the top of the island where we saw some nice views of the city and an old lighthouse. It was hot and humid today, so we all worked up a sweat.

After returning to the mainland, the bus drove us to the Malibu Hotel for a nice Mexican lunch that included steak, nachos, refried beans, fajitas, etc. We even got to choose a Margarita or Corona as a beverage, along with our water. The hotel was beautifully landscaped and we ate in an outdoor dining room. Nothing here is air-conditioned, but our bus was. We were supposed to swim at the nice beach here after lunch, but the bay was rough today, and the red flags warned of riptides. The pool was our only option. Some decide to swim, while others just relaxed in lounge chairs. We only had about 40 minutes anyway.

We got back to the ship around 2:30 and we left Acapulco at 3PM to head north to Cabo San Lucas. We were definitely aware of a strong tourist police presence today. There has been some unrest here and everywhere in Mexico, so fewer international visitors over the last few years has impacted the economy. The police wanted to make sure all of us from the ship would be safe and made sure we didn’t wander from the excursion areas. The locals we met were very friendly, though.

We went outside to watch us leave the harbor and took some final photos of the city. After a cool shower and a very short rest, it was time for mensa and trivia. We also got to cash in our Regent points for more merchandise.

It’s hard to believe we will be going home in 5 days. This has been a fabulous cruise. It will be hard to say good-bye to our many new friends, but we will try to stay in touch with some of them. We need to think of packing up for the trip home – not looking forward to that.

Dean and Gwen joined us for dinner this evening. We enjoyed their company very much. The Unique 3 was the headliner group tonight. These young women sang a fusion of Rock, Pop, and Broadway tunes. They sang some Carole King, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, and Andrew Lloyd Webber hits. It was a high energy show!

Tonight, we turn our clocks back an hour, now 2 hours earlier than east coast time, to coincide with Cabo’s time. Tomorrow is a sea day.

Yours in travel,

Pat & Mac