Day 135

Today, as we sailed into Cabo San Lucas, Mac was able to get some great shots of the interesting rock formations at the tip of the peninsula. Since there is only a small dock here, we would be tendering into port and were hoping it wouldn’t be too rough to go ashore. Cabo is a lovely resort city at the tip of the Baja California peninsula, a winter haven for many wealthy northerners. It can be reached by travelling the 1,000 mile long highway from southern California, that we have heard is unsafe, so almost everyone chooses to fly into this area.

Our excursion, Land’s End Boat and Cabo View, began with an informative boat ride to and around the Los Arcos, the actual land’s end of the Baja peninsula, a spot that can only be reached by boat. We got close to the famous arch and saw lots of waves breaking over the rocks. The peninsula, once joined to Mexico, resulted from violent seismic activity along the San Andreas fault between 10-15 million years ago. The west coast split away, and the resulting sea that filled the gap is known as the Sea of Cortez (also the Gulf of Baja). It’s the world’s youngest body of water, containing more than 100 uninhabited islands. Grey and humpback whales are plentiful here in the winter, coming to give birth and eat abundant plankton and krill. They were not here today. They have already headed north to Alaska. Some smaller boats brought tourists for snorkeling and scuba diving. Several hundred guests from our ship were on this tour.


Afterward, we divided into our bus groups and continued with the land portion. We headed north and east along the coast toward San Jose de Cabo, but first stopped at the beautiful hotel, Sunset de Mona Lisa, for a cold beverage and more lovely photo opportunities and views of the coastline and rocks. Soda, beer, and water were offered. It was a sunny, hot day, about 85 degrees, so the beverage was welcomed.


We continued to San Jose, saw the Mission church, town hall, and a craft shop, and then had some free time. This was also an attractive, clean resort town. All along the drive here were elaborate resorts that must be overflowing in the winter months. There is still much construction going on to provide even more beachfront accommodations.

Our final stop was a glass-blowing factory on the outskirts of Cabo, where we had a demonstration of this craft, watching the artist fashion a multicolored turtle. They use recycled glass chips for the color, along with silica sand. Temperatures in the furnace are over 1000 degrees. It must be a very hot job. I was hot just watching them. We, of course, had time to shop for finished products. We picked out a mother and 2 baby turtles. They wrapped them very well for travel.

We returned to the pier at 3:20 with our last tender being at 3:30, so there was no time to explore the Cabo area. After Mensa and Trivia, we began packing. I got the garment bag of dressy clothes done, but will continue tomorrow on our last sea day. We have been trying to get together with friends for a final time, but we are running out of meals. We joined Joanie and Art tonight for our final dinner together. They will be leaving the ship in San Diego, since they live there. We will try to keep in touch.

Tonight was the 6th and final performance of World Beat, the cast’s best show. It’s a high energy voyage through song and dance of many countries around the world. They began with Spain and Mexico, then the U.S.A., followed by China, Japan, Greece, Africa, India, Indonesia, and Ireland. The step dancing number was so good that it could have been in Riverdance. A great final show!

We will be on sea days today and tomorrow morning heading north along the 800 NM of the Baja Peninsula at a speed of 17.5 knots, according to the Captain’s update when we left Cabo. Need to make time for packing. Our last port-of-call is San Diego where the entire ship needs to clear immigration before any departures. My brother, Harry, and his wife, Diane, are in San Diego for a brief visit and have changed plans to remain around for our arrival. We will spend the afternoon with them.

Yours in travel,

Pat & Mac