Day 10

Today we docked in Kahului, Maui and set off for our Atlantis Submarine adventure in Lahaina, almost an hour away. The bus dropped us off next to the pier, so there wasn’t much walking involved. A shuttle boat brought about 36 of us to the dive site, where we proceeded to board the submarine, which was sandwiched between our shuttle and another helper boat to provide stability and we easily transferred over. Everyone had their own seat and window. Mac and I sat on opposite sides to get the most viewing area. This probably wasn’t necessary since the ship passed an area and then turned around so the other side could see. A naturalist told us what we were seeing, but of course we forgot all of the fish names. We dove to a depth of 129 feet and saw coral reefs and underwater mountain tops. An old freighter was deliberately scrubbed and sunk in about 70 feet of water to encourage growth of an artificial reef and attract various species of fish. Our photos don’t do it justice, since the dim light wreaked havoc with the cameras. Mac’s cell phone took the best pictures today.

We saw colorful fish, 2 sharks, a moray eel and other sea life. After an hour we came to the surface and transferred to the shuttle boat. The next group was waiting to board the sub as soon as we got off. They have a continuous flow of tourists all day, while the sub just stays in the reef area – a well-oiled process for safely transferring people.

We had about an hour to walk around Lahaina, before we needed to meet our bus to return to the ship. We were leaving at 3PM for Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas, 5 days away, I wish we had a bit longer in port to explore more. But we did charge up and down Main Street looking for one particular t-shirt, a special Hawaiian-only souvenir.

We just missed getting points in Trivia again today. The third-place team had 12 correct answers and we had 11. We will keep trying.

There was a ship-wide “Where do you come from?” party at 6 o’clock. Every state or country with 5 or more guests on board met in a certain spot on the ship to meet others from their home area. We have 53 from the United Kingdom, 49 from Canada and 22 from Australia, 72 from California, 35 from Florida and more than 10 from another dozen states. We, being about the only ones from Massachusetts, were in an unassigned group called eastern or northern states. We met Betty and Dan from New Hampshire, had a nice conversation with them, and were invited to join them for dinner. We had a great time.

Tonight’s entertainment was Tom Franek, a comedy piano entertainer. He played the piano upside down, backwards, from underneath, and other ways, all popular, well-known tunes. He also was a good singer. It was definitely a high energy show.


Yours in travel

Pat & Mac

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