Day 138

We woke up at 6:30 to a wake-up call and to a room service breakfast at the same time, so we could quickly get ready to leave the Navigator by 7:45. Our flight was at 11:40 from LAX, about 45 minutes away. We were at the coffee bar on deck 6 and ready to go on time, but no one had been called to disembark. The Norwegian Bliss was next to us, but in a different terminal building. I’m sure things on shore were being lined up. We said more good-byes as we waited almost an hour before being called. Our purple number 1 was the first group, and we exited to a large area where we waited a few minutes before the large doors to the luggage area were opened. Our luggage, 8 suitcases, was in a marked area, but not together. After pushing them together, Mac searched for a porter to assist us out of the terminal. Thank goodness that customs and immigration were done in San Diego, so we could just exit. There were not enough porters, so we had to wait for one. We dropped 4 of our suitcases out front with the Luggage Free people. These will be shipped home and are supposed to arrive byWednesday. The final 4 were coming with us to the airport.

On our way out of the terminal, we met Bob and Twila, our friends who had to leave the ship in Cape Town because of Twila’s bad back. She had surgery and was recovering. It was so nice to see her standing on her own and on the road to recovery. They came to greet some fellow guests, since they live close by. We had a chance to give hugs and then get to the bus. I was now getting nervous because it was after 9:15 now. The ride to the airport was pretty smooth until we got to the gridlock in the last mile or two. We arrived at our terminal after 10, but saw skycaps outside and went right over. I didn’t know how we would get 4 suitcases and 2 carry-ons into the terminal otherwise.

Since Regent was flying us first class, we could check 2 bags each with a maximum weight of 70 pounds. We never had a 70 pound suitcase before, but with all the things we purchased and stuffed in our bags, we had one weighing almost 90 pounds. I was shocked that the overweight fee was $175, no matter how much overweight the bag was. Those who know me, know that I would have taken off 20 pounds of stuff and left it there to save this money. Mac doesn’t like to make a scene, and since we thought we were running late, just paid it. After we were checked in, we were told our flight was leaving an hour later, so we actually had some time to enjoy the club lounge, which is available to first class passengers. We had some drinks and snacks in comfortable chairs, even running into a few more friends from the ship.

I could really get used to travelling this way. The seats on the plane were spacious and very comfortable. A mimosa was brought immediately. I watched 2 movies during the flight, while Mac read. He had brought 12 books for the cruise, thinking he’d have lots of sea days to read. You have seen all the things we did on those days, so he has actually read only one of his books this entire trip. Even lunch was good. We had a menu and got to choose one of three selections. We landed after 9PM, and had to wait for our luggage. Logan airport seems to have a much slower service than others around the country. Our daughter, Jen, was coming down from New Hampshire to pick us up. We got one of the Smart Carts and hauled everything out to the curb to await her arrival. Jen even brought us a dinner, since she knew it was only around 7 by our still west coast tummies.

When we arrived home, we were greeted by “Welcome Home“ signs and decorations. Our daughter, Deb, had been over to vacuum and decorate, since she was away this weekend with the grandkids in sports tournaments. We opened some windows, as the house had been sealed from the winter weather, and just crashed. We will unpack tomorrow.

This has been a remarkable 4 ½ months as we travelled 38,528nm to 64 ports and 28 countries. Our daily correspondence, that you endured, totaled 290 pages and 108,448 words with close to 20,000 pictures between the cameras and cellphone, but only a fraction that I could attach to the correspondence. We want to thank all our friends and followers who have read and watched our daily activities and offered kind words and encouragement along the way. We hope you enjoyed our adventures and photos. After this, a 14 day cruise will seem very short.

Best wishes to you all. Terry, our lecturer and entertainer, had distributed some cute pins with a very appropriate slogan on them… Adventure Before Dementia.

Keep having adventures. They keep you young at heart.

Yours in travel,

Pat & Mac