Day 11

Throughout the night and into the day, we had rough seas. We took our Dramamine pill to ward off potential nausea and ate lightly just in case. It was too rocky to go to our hula class, so we settled around the internet café to check our emails, which is the best place on the ship to get Wi-Fi. Mac worked on attaching photos to our narrative and sent them off.

The highlight of the day was our lei making class that afternoon with June. Regent purchased 8000 orchids so that anyone who wished could make at least one. Mac and I both participated. There was close to a hundred folks present, but we each still got to make two. This was the first sewing I remember Mac doing, and of course, he made fun of me as well. I can’t remember the last time I sewed. It was lots of fun. The orchids had a slight fragrance. We are hoping that they last until Tahiti.

We had dinner with Jean and Ed, a couple from Daytona that we met the first night at the Beverly Wiltshire. They have been on several world cruises, also love Regent, and are depositing on the 2020 world cruise, going to India, some Arabian countries, through the Suez Canal and around the Mediterranean. They are in their mid-seventies and still going strong.

There was supposed to be a major show with the singers and dancers tonight, but because of the rough seas, it was postponed a few nights. The movie Wonder was shown instead. Popcorn and drinks were provided. It was a cute movie with Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, and some excellent child actors.

Yours in travel

Pat & Mac

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