Day 13

Another day of rolling on the seas, but better than yesterday. A refresher muster drill was scheduled for today at 10:30 a.m. but due to the rocking of the ship and the concern for the safety of passengers, the Captain chose to undergo a verbal reminder of muster procedures over the intercom system with the Cruise Director, Jamie, reading the narrative.

We attended another enrichment lecture on “The Spanish American War.” These short, decisive naval battles in the Philippine and Cuban waters sharpened America’s intention of building a path between the seas for America’s expanding interests in both oceans and forever reshaping the map of the world. After the lecture, we exited into the noontime game lounge, but realized that we were too late. Because of the weather, timing of several activities was pushed back.


The Galley Lunch Buffet was a unique event for us. We had been on several galley tours, but never when food was being served. Here, the galley was set for lunch, with very attractive areas throughout the huge kitchen area. There were chocolate and watermelon carvings, vegetable flower arrangements, a round of beef carving station and a pasta center where the chef was making pasta alfredo as we waited. The wine and cheese display at the end was also very photo worthy. We were escorted to our table and enjoyed this special lunch. The dessert area was set up in the dining room, with a fish ice sculpture, cherries jubilee, chocolate-dipped fruit, tiramisu, and many other delicacies. This was a very special lunch.

That afternoon we attended a future cruise presentation to see where Regent is sailing in the next few years. There are some fascinating itineraries, as well as their annual world cruise. Many of the guests we have met have been on several world cruises already or are booking a future one.

While we were waiting for trivia, (another 4th place finish for us), the ship experienced an unusual power outage that didn’t last long. Thankfully, the staff handled the situation with professionalism and we were back up and running rather quickly.

Last night we crossed the Equator, so the ship had a cute, silly skit with a King Neptune, mermaids, and pirates to commemorate this passage. All passengers who had never crossed the Equator by ship are called pollywogs. They were paraded around the pool to witness their judgement. Others, who had crossed before, are called shellbacks. We earned our shellback status because we had crossed the equator in our Galapagos Islands cruise last year. A few good pollywog sports volunteered to be doused in colorful, gooey suds and thrown into the pool. We all received a Certificate of Crossing the Equator signed by the captain in our cabins later that night.

We made the acquaintance of some new tablemates last night; Martha and Steve from Ohio and Shirley and Harris from South Carolina. They told fascinating stories of their Teslas, Ferraris and other luxury vehicles, while we mostly listened. We all sat together for last night’s entertainment, an excellent singer named Michael Falzon.

Yours in travel

Pat & Mac

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