Day 14

We woke up later than usual and got a slow start to the day. We attended the enrichment lecture “Empires in Collision,” presented by historian Andrew Jampoler, a really interesting presentation on the Russo-Japanese War, sometimes called the neglected first great war of the 20th century. Mac obtained his autograph on one of many books he published, Embassy to the Eastern Courts – America’s Secret First Pivot Toward Asia 1832-1837.

We returned to our suite to watch the Patriots football game. The broadcast was being streamed over the internet. This was a make-shift technique because the ship lost its satellite television feed yesterday during the power outage and this was the only way to get a picture. Better than nothing but the images froze and skipped a few times. As the Pats took the lead with 3 minutes remaining and Jacksonville had the ball, the picture and sound disappeared. We had no idea how the game ended for 10 minutes. Then we heard cheering sounds but still no picture. What was going on? We got the answer when the video returned with happy Patriot players on the field. In celebration, we hurried upstairs for lunch, 5 minutes before closing. This turned out to be our dinner because they were serving prime rib. Maybe because we were the last diners, the portion size was huge and we didn’t say no.

In the afternoon, we attended another Polynesian craft with June Tureya, a truly sweet, kind, and lovely lady. She passed out sandwich baggies with shells, nuts, and other supplies. Under her instruction, we made Sliced Kukui & Seashell Bracelets. She and her artist friends had painted native images on the kukui nuts weeks ago. Our job was to polish the nuts and assemble the nuts and shells into a bracelet. Women had the seashells and men had a warrior painted image on a nut. The final product looks great and goes well with the necklaces and leis that we made.

Mac returned to the theater, where the second game was shown, to watch some of the game until trivia time. Our team continues out of the scoring for valuable Regent points. We had rest time in the suite and decided on a late, light snack in the Sette Mare, the Italian Restaurant.

Tonight’s show was Tom Franek, the comedy piano entertainer who returned for his second show. He played upside down, on the floor, and backwards. Tonight, he sang some Ray Charles tunes and some hits from movies. He was very entertaining. Tomorrow we are in Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas. It will be nice to get to shore again.

Yours in travel,

Pat & Mac