Day 16

After a light breakfast, Mac struggled with the internet while I went to a cooking demonstration by executive chef Michael Meyepa. He made homemade pasta and carbonara sauce. He made a dough, flattened it out in a pasta machine and then cut it into spaghetti-sized pieces. He cooked it after the sauce was done because fresh pasta only takes a few seconds to cook. He also made potato gnocchi from baked potatoes. This was also made into a dough, rolled out like a skinny hotdog, and sliced into small pieces. This cooks in about a minute and is done when the gnocchi floats to the top of the boiled water. I will probably never make these things, but it was very fascinating watching chef Michael and listening to him explain all his steps.

We played the noontime gather together games and formed a team with our friends, Lorraine and Kevin, and Lisa and her dad Morrey. For the first time, our team WON. We all received 3 Regent points. We still don’t know what they can be redeemed for or how many points are needed for the prizes, probably key chains or tee shirts. It’s still fun to play.

At lunch today, I spotted some pomegranates in with the usual fruits and just had to have one. We can only get them at home in the fall and I hadn’t seen one for months. Hector, one of our wonderful waiters, found a sharp knife and cut it open for me. It took me about a half hour to eat it, so Mac gave up on me and went back to the internet café to work some more.

We made another Tahitian bracelet today at our Polynesian craft class with June. Again, she had different bracelets for men and women. They came out great.

This evening was a special, by invitation, South Pacific cocktail party with entertainment. The singers and dancers performed about seven songs from the musical South Pacific. This was more my style of music and was very enjoyable. Debbie and Dave invited us to dinner and we were joined by Jeannie, a 93-year old spitfire. I hope, if we live that long, that we have her energy and wit.

Jane Cho performed on her electric violin tonight in a very “electrical” array of songs, from some Beatles and Michael Jackson medleys to the classical Carmen and Hungarian dance. She was fabulous!

Tomorrow we will be in Rangiroa for glass-bottom boating and snorkeling.

Yours in travel,

Pat & Mac