Day 21

After a leisurely breakfast, we attended the 10AM lecture on “The Coral Reef” by Dr. George Losey of the University of Hawaii. He explained the biology, geology and current status of coral reefs. They begin with individual polyps that multiply and eventually become atoll-forming barrier reefs such as those in Polynesia, Australia, Indonesia and other areas of the world. Coral should never be touched because most are very fragile, slow to grow and easily killed by human contact. They can be enjoyed, appreciated, and also conserved by careful human interaction.

Historian Andrew Jampoler spoke today about “Why we fought-Propaganda and World War II part 1 of 2.” Today, he focused on the war in Europe because it preceded the war in the Pacific. He showed some German propaganda film clips and some of America’s Frank Capra and Disney ones as well. These were all designed to stir up patriotism in their respective countries and encourage enlistment in the war effort. It was a bit ahead of our time, but very fascinating.

We played the noontime Gather Together Games again. Today we played the card game, 31. Mac and I were both eliminated.

We received a notice last night that we needed a visa for Sri Lanka in March. Mac went online to fill out the applications for us both and sent them on their way. We received email confirmation of their arrival in Sri Lanka, and now have to await visa approval, which should happen in the next day or two.

Since it is the weekend, we facetimed our 4 kids and their 10 children. It is always nice to catch up on what is happening at home. The internet sometimes freezes and has a poor connection, but it is better than nothing.

We attended a martini-making demonstration this afternoon and got to sample an Alabama Martini, made with orange juice and limoncello, a Chocolate Martini, and a Margarita Martini. They were all quite good.

After lunch, Mac and I walked over a mile on deck. Eleven laps equal a mile. The sea was calm and the sun was shining. I would have probably preferred to lay in the sun, but felt I needed to work off some of my daily calorie consumption.

We cleaned up quickly and attended afternoon trivia. Today our team came in second and received 2 Regent points each. Hooray for us! We felt pretty good after all our 4th place finishes, and teased each other about putting our point cards in the safe. We still don’t know their value upon redemption for unknown merchandise later in the cruise.

Tonight, we ate in the Prime 7 restaurant with Lisa and her dad, Morry. Mac had a seafood combo and I had prime rib. We took pictures of the food. Yummy!

The entertainer tonight was Emily Garth, a fine Australian soprano who sang musical theater and classical pieces. She sang arrangements from Carmen, Les Miserables, Sound of Music, Puccini and others. She had a fabulous and powerful voice. We could have listened to her longer. She greeted everyone after the show.

Yours in travel,

Pat & Mac