Day 27

Now that we have crossed the International Dateline and are sailing westward, we begin a continuous process of moving our clocks back an hour for each time zone we cross. Last night was our first hour which places us 17 hours ahead of our family on the East Coast. We need to keep track of our time difference, because we try to FaceTime with the family and grandchildren before their bedtimes. It would be nice if our children also remembered (one in particular, who Viper’ed us at 4 a.m. so his children could say good morning on the way to school, their time). The grandchildren are always asking why it is always daylight where we are because they are going to bed soon in the dark. We keep asking them to look at the world maps we gave them at Christmas with our route outlined.

Losing that hour had us oversleep this morning and missed breakfast at 9:30. We barely had time to grab a coffee and muffin at the Internet Café and dash off to the morning enrichment lecture with historian Andrew Jampoler, “Gallipoli and the Anzacs” (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps). This was his last talk because he is leaving at the end of this cruise segment in Auckland. He presented several reasons, both leadership and strategic planning, why the Gallipoli military action would be a complete disaster. The Turks never lost the high ground and thousands of British and Australian soldiers were killed in this failed 1915 campaign.

Next was a cooking demonstration by Executive Chef Michael Meyepa on “Different Ways to Prepare and Cook Fresh Fish.” Pat even took notes during the demo. I won’t say any more, but we saw fabulous presentation and preparations of grouper, sea bass, and Poisson Cru (fresh tuna). We rushed out to the lounge to join the noontime fun and games for a relatively quick card game, Stick It to Your Neighbor. I came in second on my team.

After lunch, we walked the top deck for a mile and felt good about that. We took a short break before assembling for the final 4:30 Fun & Friendly Trivia. We again came in as bridesmaids, out of the scoring with 12 correct answers. At last we received a list of the possible prizes for which the Regent Points could be redeemed. They range from golf balls, caps, visors, mugs, t-shirts, umbrella tote bags, and sweat shirts for 5 to 45 Regent Points. We get to trade in our points tomorrow.

Tonight was the last formal night for this segment. There was a very enjoyable crew show before dinner. Many of our wait staff and cabin stewards sang and danced for us, talents we never knew they had. The entire ship’s staff, including the captain, were on stage for the finale and last good byes.

Dinner choices this evening were Beef Wellington, Lobster Thermidor, and other yummy options. We shared a table with Barbara and Richard from Houston, a lovely couple who, unfortunately, are disembarking in Auckland in a few days.

The Navigator singers and dancers presented their show, “World Beat.” It was a voyage through a world of music, rhythm, and dance featuring cultures from around the world. There was the New York beat, harmonies of South Africa, Chinese New Year celebration, Greek folk dance, Arabic belly dancing and my favorite, Irish Step Dancing. It was a very dynamic show.

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl. You will see it on Sunday night, but it will be Monday afternoon for us. Since we are in Bay of Islands, New Zealand, I was able to change our shore excursion to an earlier time so that we will be back to see at least the second half of the game. It will be shown in all cabins and in the theater on a giant screen. Food and drinks will be provided in a sort of “tail gate” party atmosphere. It should be lots of fun, especially if the Patriots win.

Yours in travel,

Pat & Mac