We arranged for the Luggage Free pick-up on December 21 and had our 200lbs in 4 suitcases, properly labelled, first with the special Luggage Free pre-addressed FedEx shipping labels (destination: Regent Navigator), second with the Regent provided name and Suite labels, and last with our own generic luggage tags. Every bag was certainly well labelled.

 We ordered some “local” currency for the countries that we would be visiting for several days: French Polynesia, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, South Africa and Brazil. The local AAA office provided this service for no additional fee if the total was over $200, which was no problem. We picked up the local currency two days later. At Staples online, I selected a nautical card design and created introduction cards for us to share with our new friends with our personal information on them. On the reverse side is our picture. That was easy.

Over the past week, I have been dealing with the Medicare Drug mail order providers for several long phone conversations. The issue is I will not have enough prescription medications for the entire trip without another 90-day refill. Everyone wanted to help me but they were restricted by the contract language which specifically states only one “vacation override” per calendar year and I used mine earlier in the year. Despite my dramatic appeals, no one budged. My next normal refill date falls after embarkation. So, I intend to play by their rules and request a “vacation override” January 1st, the beginning of a new calendar year. I have already strategized with my local pharmacist. He has available refills on all my medications and will be prepared on the 1st to process them all as “vacation overrides.”

We are selecting the next round of clothing to pack and bring with us on the plane. I placed the cable TV service on seasonal shutdown. Also, we are beginning to clean-out the refrigerator in anticipation of winter power outages. We are assembling an email contacts list, on my new laptop, of relatives, friends, and neighbors so we can keep in touch.

Still much more to do over these remaining few days.

Until next time,

Yours in travel,

Pat & Mac


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