Day 41

It is a sea day and that means a slow, lazy morning. Our first commitment was the morning enrichment lecture by Terry Bishop, “Bound for Botany Bay.” This was an explanation of the reasons why a penal colony was needed and how it really happened. There was so much interesting history surrounding this decision. Basically, England had too many prisoners and was running out of space to keep them. The prisons were full, old ship hulks were full, the American colonies were off-limits after 1776, and all other colonies were not suitable. Terry Bishop has a humorous way of presenting the illogical and poor planning that lead up to February 18, 1787 sendoff on of 1,487 people (750 prisoners) in 11 ships for a transit that covered 15,000 miles in 252 days. Part 2 of this will be the next lecture.

We returned to our suite to work together on a project. The ship is sponsoring a fun program on decorating your suite door with anything having to do with Australia. Judging will be in a couple of days and winners announced. I have no idea what this is all about, but Pat picked-up an arm full of supplies when Regent offered them yesterday. We spent a couple of hours before the afternoon lecture creating some basic drawings and cut-outs, instead of playing deck games.

Professor George Losey delivered his lecture, “Modern Oceanography – The Key to Understanding our Planet” later this afternoon. He explained how earth’s currents affect the salinity and temperature of the oceans and how this has an effect on land temperatures as well. Scientists are studying these processes to understand how to keep our oceans healthy.

Our intermittent creative juices were put on hold for the 4:30 Fun & Family Trivia time. Our team had a respectful score coming in tied for second. We hung together and chatted awhile until we realized that tonight’s Seven Seas Society private function would start soon. We changed quickly and returned to the theater for a special song and dance performance by the Regent performers. Afterwards, we spoke with Debbie and Dave in the theater agreeing to go to Sette Mare for Italian food tonight. The meal and conversation were very enjoyable.

Returning to the suite, Pat assembled the Australian door decorations, while I started this day’s story. Finishing neither, we then scooted off to the theater for the 9:30 evening show with Terry Bishop. Yes, he is the same fellow that also lectures, in addition to folk song guitar playing and singing generously interspersed with a great amount of humor. It was a really great show.

Tomorrow, in Adelaide, we are joining other world travelers on a Regent designed special day at Vineyards of the Australian Countryside. It is an all-day excursion including a full lunch and show at a vineyard. More to come on this adventure tomorrow.

Yours in Travel,

Pat & Mac