Day 42

Today we were in Adelaide and had our first Navigate the World Special Event. Everyone on the world cruise (192 of us) were invited to partake in the “Vineyards of the Australian Countryside” experience. Five busloads went on a city tour of Adelaide and continued to the famous Seppeltsfield Wine Estate in the Barossa Valley. Upon arrival, we were treated to coffee, tea, cake, and sparkling chardonnay or shiraz. The five busloads stayed in those groups while we toured five areas of the winery with knowledgeable employees as guides. We began with the grand insight tour, a story of how the winery came to be in 1851 with Joseph and Joanna Seppelt as founders. The property encompasses over 420 acres of ancient vineyard and produces both white and red wines along with 100 year-old port. Many rooms in one large building catered to local artisans who make and sell their high-end products on site, such as: glassware, jewelry, knives, leather, women’s hats, and accessories.

We toured some of the older buildings and then had our private tasting. Most of their wines age in wooden oak barrels, which are made on site. The coopers demonstrated their barrel making and how they charred the insides with a blowtorch. It was fascinating.


We all got to taste port that was placed in barrels during our birth year and was available to purchase if we wished. Some folks tasted port from the 1930’s, but most of us were in the 1940’s. I was 1948 and Mac was 1947. The port was tasty, but I couldn’t tell any difference in taste between them. There were one or two “babies” from the 1950’s. This was quite fun and Mac took some photos of this area.

Around 2PM we all gathered in the vintage cellar where lunch was served, accompanied by more wine. There was family-style roast beef, chicken, potatoes, carrots, onions, and salad. Brownies, fruit, and cheese and crackers were for dessert. Some musicians played while we ate. The winery did a commendable job feeding our large group, but we were told they do weddings and other functions here as well, so they are used to this.

Surprisingly, Seppeltsfield only sells wines at its winery and does not ship anywhere or sell to liquor stores. I guess many locals seek them out, because they have a loyal following and a great reputation here. We were all given a bottle of Grenache wine as a gift upon our departure, an unexpected and very nice touch.

We got back to the ship about 5:30 and it was still very warm (80’s today) and sunny. I actually decided to get some sun for an hour while Mac read. I went for a dip in the pool as well.

Needless to say, we weren’t very hungry for dinner 2 hours later, so Mac and I ordered room service tonight and just had salad.

We finished our map of Australia door decoration and hung it up. The judging is in 2 days.

Tonight’s show was The Great American Song Factory about 1950’s and 60’s music recorded at the Brill building in New York. This was full of songs we still knew the words to from when we were teenagers. We had seen this show early in our voyage, so I think the major shows are repeated every segment for the benefit of new passengers. It would be unreasonable to think they could put together three major shows every three weeks. Tomorrow, we are in Port Lincoln for two excursions.

Yours in travel,

Pat & Mac