January 8, 2018

The night’s sleep was very comfortable in the king size bed and plush pillows at the Beverly Wilshire. We proceeded to the Ballroom for Regent’s registration process and a buffet breakfast. There was no waiting for registration, and check-out at the BW was efficient and fast. We assembled back at the Ballroom at around noontime for our 12:15 p.m. limo to the ship.

Welcome aboard champagne greeted us as we boarded. We found our suite, dropped off our carry-ons, and continued out to explore the ship and its lounges. A brief snack awaited Mac in La Veranda. Upon returning to our suite, we were a little overwhelmed to meet all our luggage. The unpacking process will continue for quite a while.  Muster is about to begin.

January 8, 2018 (continued)                   Day 1

We mustered in the theater, Seven Seas Lounge, and listened to the typical safety instructions, wondering if we would have to do this muster at each new segment of the cruise. The crew was very meticulous checking all cabin numbers off their lists to ensure everyone participated. At the end, only two cabins did not check-in.

We left the port of San Pedro, Long Beach, CA after 6 p.m. An hour later than scheduled because of longer than expected inspections and port safety checks. It was too dark to see much of anything but lights from the ship yard. We entered the Compass Rose Restaurant for dinner after 7 p.m. and sat with a lovely older couple originally from Scotland, who have lived in Spain for the past 20 years. Service was excellent along with the food. Waiters were very attentive at every turn. By 9 p.m. we were exhausted still from the jet lag and the day’s activities. In bed, we felt the ship rolling a little. Seems that the rain storm approaching southern California not only rained on our departure going away party on the pool deck, but it also stirred up the ocean.

January 9, 2018                  Day 2

We awoke at a normal time, around 7:30 a.m., we found the ship was really rocking and rolling, with bangs and thumps against the hull. We started feeling a bit uneasy, but went to breakfast at La Veranda, the buffet restaurant, located at the stern, Deck 10. Its location ensured that the rocking and rolling was amplified.  We only felt like a light breakfast. Back in our suite, we both lied down to rest our headaches. We tried to do normal activities and attended an educational enrichment lecture by Andrew Jampoler, “In Harm’s Way,” the story of the sinking of the Indianapolis and the recent discovery of its wreckage. He is a great storyteller with video images displayed on the screen in the Seven Seas Lounge/theater.

At noon, the Captain, Atanas Kostadinov, makes his daily report of our position, weather conditions, distance travelled and to the next destination. Hawaii is 2,297 nautical miles and five days away. The seas will be 10-14 feet with winds of 35+ knots for the rest of the day and only slightly better tomorrow. Not good news when feeling unwell. I ventured to the Reception Desk, for the usual seasickness pills for Pat and me. Did not see many people in my brief travel. All major entertainment up at the pool deck and in the theater were cancelled for everyone’s safety. I ventured up to the pool deck for a cheeseburger and french fries. I took my time and sipped a ginger ale. The sun was bright but the wind and seas were quite stirred-up. By 6:30 p.m., Pat called the Infirmary for more help. After a thorough check-up and medical history review, we got two shots, one for nausea and another for vomiting and another packet of pills for the next three days. We returned to our suite and ordered room service, requesting what the doctor recommended, broth, crackers, and an apple. We remained cabin bound all night. Here’s hoping tomorrow is smoother sailing.

Yours in travel,

Pat & Mac

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