Day 60

Many of you will be sad to learn there were no lectures today. This morning was dedicated to getting the Pool Deck ready for carnival-type games and the traditional Crossing the Equator Party, beginning 10:45 am. A brief rain shower slowed the preparations a little before clearing. The Fun and Games staff dressed for the fun occasion, men as pirates and the women in flowing dresses. King Neptune and his Queen were in costume reading their script for the ceremony. This time there was no dunking in the pool for the first-timers, called Pollywogs, because of the carnival games set-up. King Neptune read a humorous proclamation declaring them as full-fledged Shellbacks.

Pat and I got into some games enjoying the laughter and fun-time atmosphere. Each department’s staff created relevant games or contests. The Wine department had contestants fill a wine bottle with colored water, carry it on a tray across the deck, and fill three martini glasses. The winner got raffle tickets for a later drawing for Regent merchandise. Pat won in her group. The wait staff created the next best thing to a dunking pool. They were the targets for water balloon toss, with only the protection of a tray. There was water splashing and blowing all around that corner of the deck. The Destinations staff had us guess the locations of twelve picturesque sites. The Casino group had hi-lo guessing card game and a ball drop craps-type of table. The Cabin Stewards had us wiggle ping-pong balls from an empty tissue box strapped to our waist. There were others, but you get the idea, just have fun. This lasted an hour. We accumulated lots of raffle tickets, but when they were drawn for prizes, we came up empty-a fun morning none-the-less.

We met at 2 pm for our own group’s card game of Phase 10 and Skip-Bo. We have been getting together with Gwen, Lisa, and Morry on sea days to play card games. That kept us until the Mensa and Trivia time. We scored points in Mensa but not in Trivia today. The Team stayed after to talk about future cruise plans and issues they are experiencing. Three of them were sharing insights (they have many world cruises under their belts) while we mostly listened. We came back to our suite to finish watching a movie we started yesterday and went to a late, quiet supper at Sette Mare Italian Restaurant.

Bayne Bacon returned tonight for another show. He played a wonderful medley of 60’s and 70’s music in a classical fashion and told jokes. He ended with his rendition of McArthur Park. He is very talented.

We should be docked tomorrow at Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia by 1 PM, a bit earlier than the captain predicted yesterday. We still don’t have our 8-hour excursion to their beautiful national park, (there is not enough time to drive there, tour, and return), but will have a 3 1/2 hour city tour.

Yours in travel,

Pat & Mac