Day 62

Today we were in Brunei, Borneo, and went on an excursion titled “Brunei Culture and Visit to Water Village.” This began at 7:30 am, with a group of us taking a bus to a jetty and taking a long boat from there to the Water Village. This is a group of many hundreds of homes along the river, built on stilts or pilings extending outward. These pilings must be changed or repaired every 10 years or the home is in danger of collapsing into the river. Everyone here owns a boat and there are schools along the river to accommodate the children who live here and firehouse boats. We visited one of the homes and were given tea and pastries by the local hosts. After a brief visit, we returned by boat to our waiting bus and continued to the Royal Regalia Museum, where we learned much about the current Sultan and his family. This Sultan of Brunei just celebrated his golden Jubilee (50 years of rule) last year. The museum contained his coronation coach from 1967 and many other valuable treasures that we were not allowed to photograph.


We stopped at the Jame Asr Mosque for a photo op. We were not able to go inside, as only worshipers are allowed. We travelled to the Prime Minister’s office and another mosque as well and got to take photos of the exterior. We returned to the ship about 12:30 and departed Brunei before 3PM. We are now on our way to Singapore and will arrive on Tuesday with many folks leaving and many more getting on. Those onboard will all have a shore excursion- ours is a 4 hour one.

After lunch we played mini-golf on deck. There is a 9-hole golf course and Mac and I both won Regent points. Tomorrow we will trade them for prizes. I decided to swim and get a bit of sun while Mac entered a ping pong tournament – and won. He is getting a bit of a reputation as a good player.

Tonight at 5:30 was the Crew Capers show, where the crew sings and dances. They are very talented. Even though I saw this show twice before, there were a few new numbers, and I attempted to take some photos. Mac stayed behind to download today’s pictures.

We had a lovely dinner tonight with our friends Bob and Twila, and Art and Joan. This was the last formal night of this segment. Tomorrow, lots of folks will be packing.

A ventriloquist, Patrick Murray, performed afterward with his Jamaican sidekick, Matilda. He was quite funny, as was Matilda. Tomorrow is a sea day.

Yours in travel,

Pat & Mac