Day 4

This morning we tried room service for breakfast. It was a slow start to the morning. We started our movements at the Polynesian Dance Culture-The Hands Tell the Story. June, our Polynesian instructor, taught us the meaning behind the hand movements and positions. We then put them together into a dance routine. Once you understand the story behind the hands, it can really touch your heart.

After a promise to return tomorrow for advanced lessons, we rushed to the enrichment lecture “Expedition of Jean-Francoise de Galaup, Compte-de la Perouse,” a fascinating tale of the two French navy ships that vanished in 1788.

After a taste of a special BBQ ribs on the pool deck, we walked one mile around the outdoor track on deck 11. The seas were calmer and the warm weather was very conducive to walking. We definitely need to do this exercise regularly.

Pat continued with the Polynesian crafts and created a South Pacific Seashell Woven Neck Piece. I found a quiet spot in the shade on the pool deck and began reading one of my e-books. Later in the afternoon, we met at the Stars Lounge for another round of trivia. Our team did well but came one point short of scoring Regent “points.”

After another perfect dinner and conversation with two other fun couples, we made our way to the evening’s Headliner Showtime entertainment, The Divas of Motown. With their strong voices and extreme energy, the trio brought back memories of tunes from our earlier years. Their performance brought the theater to life. What a fantastic way to close out another great day with Regent.

Yours in travel,
Pat & Mac

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