Day 5

Another day closer to Hawaii. A calm sea day with warm weather. Before and after breakfast, I walked a mile each time, which is 11 laps around deck 11. Pat and I got a third mile in after lunch.

We continued our Polynesian Dance Culture learning with what the instructor, June Tureya, called a Polynesian country line dance. We had 45 minutes of fun, learning the meaning of hand and body movements. We hustled downstairs for the 11 a.m. Enrichment Lecture, “Bligh and the HMS Bounty,” by historian, Andrew Jampoler, who really knows his history and keeps your attention the full hour. The daily calendar of onboard activities is jam-packed. There are so many offerings, several at overlapping times, so you can’t do everything. No regrets here, we are very satisfied with our choices.

After lunch and a brief period of relaxation, there was a special time set aside to do a Polynesian craft with June, our dance instructor. Pat came along too and June showed us how to tie a special knot used in making a wooden “fish hook” necklace. Regent provided the prepackaged kits consisting of a finely carved wooden fish hook, a necklace and four pieces of string to tie onto the lace and hook. After a slow start, I produced a final product. In Polynesian culture, the fish hook necklace symbolizes wishing the wearer safe travels. You are supposed to wear this when leaving your home and it is not to be worn as a piece of jewelry.

This afternoon’s edition of Fun & Friendly Trivia was a bust for our team. Eleven out of fifteen did not get us close to winning any Regent points. We will try again tomorrow.

Something new and different occurred at 6 p.m.  Regent sponsored a “block party” in the corridors outside our suites. Wine and hors d’oeuvres were served by the staff. This was a great way to meet our neighbors along the entire corridor. We had dinner with two neighboring couples we met at the block party. There were many humorous stories shared at dinner and the good times continued as we sat together in the theater/lounge for the evening’s entertainment, ventriloquist, Mark Merchant, whose humor we thoroughly enjoyed. At the end, the Cruise Director informed us that the Captain expects rough seas tomorrow, the day before Hawaii.

Yours in travel,

Pat & Mac

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